Team Labas


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Today we have learned to make a heart massage, stop the bleeding, trust each other while playing the first game with closed eyes, some exercises to help us see if we play a sports we get injuries.

We spend a great time together, it was fun and we learned valuable lesson.

This experience will be very useful in the future, because you don’t know then somebody needs yours help and hopes that you can save his life maybe.

And we hope that in the future we will meet again. 🙂

Day 3 Prašau

The first thing we did today was “Team Building Game” where we were supposed to stand at a sheet and flip it, while we were standing on it. It was fun and we had to be really tolerant because we were standing so close to each other.

Later we went outside to do some exercises, for example CPR, painting and play volleyball. It was fun that we had to be active. We found out some new things about ourselfs.

Team IKI


How we feel: Tired because we went so “early” to bed, but this day was very fun.

What we learnt today: Pharamedic, fitness stuff (Iceland won!), tolerance to strangers because we invited new people in the group.

What was most interessting today: Painting our faces and hand, meet new people.

We first played a game with more people, bonding game, and we were KIND OF loosers. Next we went to the island and we played games and learned new stuff.

Day 2 Prašau


This morning after breakfast we worked in our international groups with a project. We prepared a presentation about our charity case and then presented it to everyone. After lunch we went to two museums and walked through laisvės el. Then we walked up to the roof of Rescurection church and it was really beautiful up there.

Now we all are very tired in our legs and feets but it was really nice to see the local places. It was nice to spend the day outside and see the facilities and also spend time together. We are excited for tonight!

Team Labas


Positive: We went outside of the school and saw a new side of the Lithuanian culture, and it was interesting.

Negative: Our feet hurt and we would like to get more information at the museum.

Our feelings: It was very funny and we have talked to more student them we did yesterday.

Day 2



First thing we did in the morning was talking about yesterday.

Next we got a problem to solve and make a presintation about our key to that problem. It was very interessting problem and the keys that teams had was very great.

Next we went sightseeing through the town and saw one more building of the school.



Today we had a wonderful time, we learned a lot.

The results after today were great, we got to

know each other and talk a lot about tolerance. We learned about the difference in different countries and met new exciting people. We had to practice more in our english and go out of our comfort zone and work good in groups or teamwork.

Our feelings after today are mixed. We are really tired and have a headache but we are really happy, excited and curious about this week!

The most interesting things about today were the discussions, games, presentations, the persons here, teamwork and experience talking.